Eliminated the Demerits of mining.

PoS 3.0

AOK guarantees fast transaction speed by supplementing the slow processing speed, which is the biggest weakness of Bitcoin. Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, which consume excessive electricity for block verification, AOK has features that enable economical and safe block verification by PoS 3.0, the most advanced consensus algorithm of the current era.

Rapid block generation enables fast trading.

Faster than bitcoin

Faster than Bitcoin. Transaction speed is at least 10 times faster than Bitcoin.

Gain liquidity through appropriate rewards.

Transaction Fee

Compared to ethereum, it has on overwhelmingly low commission system that is 1/1000

Multi-signature enhanced security.

Multisignature Stake

a multi-signature wallet is one that requires more than one private key to conduct any transactions. It is used to share the responsibility for AOK ownership and is also known as a means to increase the security of AOK storage.