Based on AOK's mainnet, CCA, a DeFi token, was derived.
Fast and very inexpensive transactions are being made using the powerful AOK network computing. AOK supports DApps specialize in various fields. AOK is not a mainnet that is lagging after completion but is evolving like a living organism through continuous development and supplementation. AOK is open source, so anyone can easily create and provide various services using the AOK mainnet.

CCA Certification Tokens
CCA is realizing DeFi Dapp Protocall based on the 4th generation cryptocurrency Mainnet implementing the most advance PoS 3.0 technology.
Official CCA websites
MECRO Certification Tokens
To respond to the global catastrophe of Covid19, MECRO was made, contributing to the development of healthcare not only in advanced countries but also in developing countries.
Official MEC websites